CCC Records | CCC Records by Dolby D
The official home of CCC Records and music created by Dolby D.
Hip-Hop, Bboying, Breakdancing, Music, Rap, London, UK, Founder, Bboy All Stars
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The Company
Click Clack Connection Records

Making firm connections to make something happen, like the sound you hear when you know your seat belt is safely secured… “Click Clack”.

The Label
CCC Records

Carefully composed compositions. An independently owned and run label specializing in producing limited edition vinyl and digital formats of original musical works for your listening pleasure.

The Music of
Dolby D

Hip-Hop fusions of all Hip-Hop genres, past, present and future, that take you away on an odyssey of operatic, orchestrally, sublime sonics.

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    Our Videos

    The Founder

    Dolby D – The Boy Fresh “Still! LOL”.

    The Original Bboy of London Town.

    London All Star “Forever ever”.

    The Fresh Prince of London Town.

    Dolby Montana. Montanna REAL Estate. “Shit is REAL out here.”.

    General Only1TheDolby. Jedi Knight. Sith Slayer.

    MERKADON. “It Happened one day when I Merked a Don”.

    The Earl Grey.”Not everything is Black or White”.

    Sir Spliffington of The South East London Spliffingtons.

    Mr Relentless Dontstop. “Don’t start, cause I don’t stop”.

    Bruce D – The BIG Boss in The Click Clack Connection.

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